Gay Characters and a Giveaway (International)

I'm giving away a copy of the wonderful Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey to show my support for books with gay characters!

Braden's witch eyes give him an enormous power. A mere look causes a kaleidoscopic explosion of emotions, memories, darkness, and magic. But this rare gift is also his biggest curse.

Compelled to learn about his shadowed past and the family he never knew, Braden is drawn to the city of Belle Dam, where he is soon caught between two feuding witch dynasties. Sworn rivals Catherine Lansing and Jason Thorpe will use anything--lies, manipulation, illusion, and even murder--to seize control of Braden's powers. To stop an ancient evil from destroying the town, Braden must master his gift, even through the shocking discovery that Jason is his father. While his feelings for an enigmatic boy named Trey grow deeper, Braden realizes a terrible truth: Trey is Catherine Lansing's son . . . and Braden may be destined to kill him.

The Rules: 

- This giveaway is open to wherever the Book Depository ships. Please check the link to make sure your country is on the list.
- To enter, please comment on this post. 
- You do NOT have to be a follower to enter, but I'd sure love it if you were! 
- You can earn extra entries by spreading the word about this giveaway (twitter, blogging, fb...). Please leave a link in the comments!
- The giveaway ENDS on September 28 at 9:00 pm EST, and I will choose one winner via random.org.


  1. Thanks for doing this giveaway. I think it is great to see gay main characters in books I don't understand why they are minor one in a lot of books. The world has gay people and they need to represented in books too.

  2. Great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity. Saw this on FB and now I'm a new follower of this blog.

  3. Thank you for the chance to win.
    I've read so many good reviews about this book and I'm dying to read it myself. I like how this book seems to portray homosexuality as a normal thing (which in imho it is), and doesn't make huge deal out of it so it doesn't take away from the story itself. I would love to see more books like this to be written in the future.

  4. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I read Scott Tracey's post the other day and liked what he had to say a lot. So I read a sample chapter and wow, I liked the book a lot too! It was nice to see a book about a gay character having adventures rather than an "issue" book about the experience of being gay.

  5. This book's been on my to read list since I found out about it last week! Thanks for holding a giveaway for it!

    p.s. don't know how to link to an individual tweet, but I'll post this contest to my twitter followers (@ASingleBell)

  6. Thanks for the giveaway. I am so excited to read this book. From the synopsis it seems like it'll be a great read.

  7. I'm on the Campaign in your MG/YA group and just stopped in to say hi. Glad I did. Love your idea for the giveaway.

    See you around the Campaign.

  8. Stopping by on the Campaign - thanks for such a great giveaway!

  9. I love book giveaways! I'm now following your blog and looking forward to your posts.
    Fellow MG-YA Campaigner

  10. Hi Sara. I found your blog from Rachael Harrie's campaigner blog, even though I'm not in the campaign. I'm now your newest follower, so:

    Nice to meet you!

    I've heard nothing but wonderful things about this book, and I know Scott a little from the internet, so I would love to win a copy. Thanks!

  11. i love gay characters. and supernatural stories. this book is just my style ^^

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  12. A little witch goes a long way - my favorite!!

    GFC: Mary Preston


  13. Thanks for the giveaway!I'd love to read Witch Eyes:)

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  14. Thanks for the giveaway !!!

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  15. Thank you so much for the giveaway :D

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  16. This book has been in my wishlist since I heard about it. It sounds great!

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  17. I'm always extremely pleased when I see a book/TV show/movie with gay characters that just happen to be gay, if you know what I mean. Their orientation isn't the main point of the story, it isn't a big deal, it just IS.

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  19. Witch Eyes sounds like something I'd really enjoy reading.

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  20. I have seen this book before, I can't remember which site it was on, but it looked good. I'd love to win it.

  21. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I really want to read this!


  22. Thanks for the giveaway
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  23. Thank you so much for this giveaway and supporting the LGBT community this way
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